• Peter Wilson

55 Word Stories

Here's a few 55 word stories I wrote a few years back. They were done for a competition on writing.com. It's a fun exercise (for me anyway) to try and get a concise story across in a very small amount of words. Hope you enjoy!

Cause for Concern

Wally entered the room covered in blood and looking exhausted.

“So you killed Helen then did you?” his wife enquired calmly.

“Yes, it’s done. I’ve already chopped her up and bagged her”.

His wife didn’t respond. Wally was a good man but she found it quite disconcerting that he had named the cow after her.

Crocodile Tears

Walter ran to his room bawling.

“What did you do?” shouted mom to the older brother Kent.

“I did nothing!”

“You're lying. No computer games for two weeks!”

“But Mom!”

“No buts!” his mom cried.

Walter sat in his room, his tears replaced with smiles. He really was turning into a mischievous little shit.


Rage filled Jess’ thoughts, seconds after Jake broke her heart. From her vantage she could see him with another woman; younger, prettier, definitely sluttier. As Jake said something, the woman threw back her head in laughter.

Jess walked away feeling sick. She plotted his death.

Later, Jake left his sister and started the walk home.

Gang of Idiots

Travis knocked on the door thrice. There was no answer.

The next day he knocked twice, paused and then knocked again thrice.

On the third day he knocked thrice, then twice and then twice again. Exasperated he threw up his hands and wondered why the hell he'd initiated the secret knock in the first place.

Mickey’s Solution

Mickey knew he’d be in trouble, he knew his dad would give him a hiding, but that didn’t stop him loading the letterbox full of cherry bombs. He’d weighed up the pros and cons and decided this was the best course of action.


Mickey smiled. How could the postman deliver his report card now?

Dinner Party

As another guest fell to the floor, Ronald rushed to the kitchen, puzzlement upon his face. He rummaged around the jars of spices he’d used while cooking.

He realized why his late wife had insisted he keep chemicals from the lab in a separate cabinet.

He thanked the Gods he hadn’t had time to eat.


The police are chasing me again. Will I ever learn?

I duck into an alley and dive under some cardboard smelling of the bum who must call it home. I won't steal again. I don't need the money. This isn't worth it!

It's two days later. I wonder what that lady has in her purse.

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